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Intense Scales Back Internet Outlets

Published October 29, 2007

TEMECULA, CA (BRAIN)—In an effort to support its brick and mortar dealers around the globe, Intense Cycles terminated relationships with several online/mail-order retailers. Terminated dealers will continue to sell remaining stock until year's end.

“There are still places in the world where you cannot walk into a shop and purchase an Intense frame or bike, so we understand the reason for an online/mail order presence, but as we bring on more dealers, the need for multiple Internet retailers is no longer there,” said Paul Cusick, director of sales and marketing for Intense Cycles.

“The companies we have chosen to partner with have proven over the years to not only present Intense in a professional manner, hold our MSRP and provide after sales service and support, but have also promoted our brand through demo programs, race teams, open house and other events. In the short term this move may cost us some sales, but we believe that in the long term we will gain them back, and more, by supporting our dealer and distributor network.”

Intense Cycles continues to build its dealer and distributor network throughout the United States and abroad. It currently has 136 dealers and is looking to add more in certain markets.

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