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Serotta Launches New Paint Program

Published April 30, 2008

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (BRAIN)—Serotta has launched a paint program that still enables customers to design their own bike frame, but now they can see an almost limitless array of paint colors accurately depicted with a few clicks of the mouse.

For people needing a head start, more than 700 examples of available paint schemes and finish options are shown as thumbnails.

Founder Ben Serotta said that the majority of Serotta’s intellectual resources are focused on the technical aspects of the brand with the engineering, manufacturing and performance.

“We sometimes forget that cycling is a multi-sensory experience,” Serotta said. “Either performance or appearance can become short term pleasures. Put them together and you’ll have an enduring love affair.”

The Serotta Paint Program is comprised of more than 4,000 illustrations of frame sections and logos and represents an interactive benchmark in the field of custom bike design.

"We didn’t take any shortcuts,” said paint program designer Mike Minerva. “We illustrated the bikes as close to the actual model as possible.

“It would have been easier to use a standard bike illustration for all the schemes, but we made Serotta’s Ottrott look like a lugged ti/carbon frame and we made the Legend look like a welded titanium frame. The user creates what they want, and sees it built right before their eyes. As we developed the tool and tested it, I was immediately surprised that I saw color combinations that I liked and would not have imagined before the program. Working on the Serotta paint program really opened my eyes to how much customization Serotta offers,” he added.”

Dealers are definitely on board with this new program.

“Finally a bicycle paint program that shows me exactly what I want and what I’m going to get,” said Paul Levine of Signature Cycles, and Serotta’s biggest dealer. “This is the best program in the industry, allowing me to make informed decisions, and to know how my bike is going to look. Serotta’s paint program will definitely facilitate the communication between customer and dealer and assure that the customer will receive the bike that they originally imagined.”

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