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The 5th Spot

Published June 29, 2008

The summer concert season is well underway, and the concert listing Web site Pollstar ranks its Top 50 concerts (click on link, left hand side). Well, here's my Top 10 based on my personal taste (weighed heaviest) and band accomplishments, accolades, etc...

But I'd love to hear from the audience on where you think I went wrong, and if you're going to go to any of these shows (so e-mail me and I might put your comments up on this entry).

(NOTE: Only choose from Pollstar's Top 50.)

Top 10:

1. Radiohead
2. Metallica
3. Pearl Jam
4. Rush
5. Stone Temple Pilots
6. Rage Against the Machine
7. Neil Young
8. Tom Petty
9. R.E.M.
10. The Police

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