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Film Will Capture Two Inspirational Riders

Published August 1, 2008

VISTA, CA (BRAIN)—Canari Cyclewear is throwing its support behind two riders that will be documented for an upcoming film.

Pearson and Peter Constantino grew up by transcontinental US Route 20 in the New York Finger Lakes. Like most kids their bikes were their freedom, their mode of transportation and a great source of fun. But unlike other kids cycling remained their passion even as they grew older. One summer as teenagers Pearson and Peter, along with their father, cycled Route 20 from their home in Skaneateles to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This ride inspired their dream of riding across America on Route 20. As adults, the still avid cyclists were preparing for their cross country trip when, on a warm morning in late June 2006, their plans were derailed.

Pearson, cycling to work, turned off a trail and onto a busy suburban road, just as he had countless times before. This time was different; 300 yards later he was struck on his left side by an SUV. He landed, unconscious, under a parked car suffering a shattered hip, a broken back and a severe concussion. The driver fled the scene, leaving Pearson to die if not for the help of a passerby.

After two surgeries and nine days in the hospital Pearson, broken but unbowed, resolved not only to get back on his bike, but to fulfill his dream of riding across the country. In the fall of 2008 Pearson and Peter will ride across historic Route 20 not only for themselves but for all the cyclists who had their rides cut short. In their mission they are working to raise awareness for safety on the roads and to quell the epidemic of hit-and-run drivers.

More information about Pearson and Peter can be found on the Web site, (click on link), which is dedicated to the documentary film of the same name, The Long Bike Back. The film will capture the majesty of their amazing trip across the Northern United States starting August 12, and the message they hope to deliver along the way.

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