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FSA Enters Partnership with AMD

Published September 7, 2008

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN)—What do fast computers have in common with fast bikes?

They can make a fast bike even faster—and, more important, help the engineers that design bike components work at speeds that would make a track sprinter proud.

That is why FSA, the high-end component maker, has announced a partnership with AMD, one of the world’s biggest semiconductor companies and a manufacturer of computer-processing chips.

AMD has supplied multi-core computers and workstations to FSA offices in Europe and the United States.

Spokeswoman Gloria Radaelli said that with the new computers, engineers can do a project in one hour that used to take five hours.

Under the agreement, AMD becomes an official partner of FSA. Its logo will be featured on FSA marketing materials.

In another effort to boost its research and development efforts, FSA has announced a partnership with SmartCae, which provides software and other assistance for three-dimensional modeling, structural analysis and simulations.

“FSA needs cutting-edge technology, with software and equipment able to sustain big workloads and large amounts of data, to rapidly work out extremely complex calculations,” company officials said. “New product planning, component design and finite elements analysis; these are just some of the activities that the engineers and technicians face every day.”

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