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Jagwire Hires Global Marketing Manager

Published August 20, 2009

BLOOMINGTON, MN (BRAIN)—James Alberts has been named the new global marketing manager for Jagwire.

Alberts, who has a broad background in bicycle retailing and marketing, recently earned an MBA with a concentration in brand and product management from the University of Iowa’s Tippie School of Management.

“James brings diverse experience and highly-focused training to this position,” said Ketty Kuan, Jagwire international sales director. “Not only does he have the skills to develop and bring exciting new products to market, he understands the day-to-day experience of bike dealers and can help them use Jagwire products to cross-sell merchandise and maximize returns across their product lines.”

In his new post, Alberts will concentrate on developing products that offer attractive customization options for consumers and are easy for retailers to stock. To that end, he will solicit customer feedback to formulate revisions in the product line. He will also continue and expand Jagwire’s aggressive product-testing program. Building on the brand’s growing presence among dealers and consumers, he will step up marketing and communications initiatives worldwide by drawing on regional knowledge from Jagwire headquarters in Taiwan and Jagwire Europe in Brussels.

“Jagwire has incredible manufacturing prowess and offers some of the highest quality products in the bike industry,” Alberts said. “We want Jagwire to be widely recognized as the first choice among consumers. By continuing to offer outstanding value with top quality, style, innovation, customer service and marketing know-how, we will achieve this goal.”

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