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Gruppo Bici, BiciSupport Agreement Ends

Published October 28, 2009

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—Gruppo Bici N.A.'s exclusive distribution agreement with BiciSupport S.r.l. has been terminated. Albabici LLC of Oxnard, California has been awarded the distribution of BiciSupport products by BiciSupport S.r.l.

“While the termination of our agreement is unfortunate, we support the decision wholly,” said Gruppo Bici N.A. company spokeswoman D’Abria Versace. “We have nothing but praise for BiciSupport and her products and we are confident that the brand is in good hands with Albabici”.

“Unfortunately, we were not successful in generating the level of turnover we expected from BiciSupport products,” D’Abria Vesace said. “It remains our firm belief, however, that the opportunity could not be more primed”. BiciSupport S.r.l. exhibited at Interbike the first time this year and response to the company’s fitting articles has been particularly strong.

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