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"Bummer Life" Blogger Goes Indy

Published November 10, 2009

SOQUEL, CA (BRAIN)—Steve Smith, the guy behind Swobo’s popular blog, "How to Avoid the Bummer Life," left Swobo to create his own blog and hopefully make a go of it selling ads to companies interested in his audience of culturally rich cyclists.

Known to the blogging world as Stevil Kinevil, he named his own blog, All Hail the Black Market, (click on link).

“The industry has a hard time marketing themselves outside the industry. What I hope to continue with my new blog is growing an audience that is bike savvy, but also interested in art, social movements, politics and is culturally relevant,” Smith said.

The blog has only been up a few months but Smith says All Hail the Black Market is up to 40,000 hits a month. And he was recently surprised at the amount of traffic the site generated when they were debating the pros and cons of the flu vaccine.

“People commenting were quoting facts from Mother Jones and Mothering magazine—it’s a pretty diverse group,” Smith said.

To keep the server lights blinking Smith is looking to sell more ad space, and so far Soulcraft, Retrotec, Portland Design Works, Wakeman, Igleheart and Stoker Ace are buyers.

“Now I’m a free agent working for myself so I will be a spokesperson for those buying ads on the site,” he added.

Smith notes that it’s pretty difficult for a company to keep its own web log up without hiring a person to dedicate their time to it, which makes it expensive. He said while he had additional duties at Swobo in addition to the log, it was his major focus.

“What I offer advertisers is outreach to a audience that they probably are not reaching through their traditional marketing channels. But an audience that is interested in bikes and what other products they have to offer,” he added.

Smith plans on blogging about bikes and components he uses, providing mini reviews. But this bike content will run along side the other topics he covers.

—Matt Wiebe

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