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Electra Partners with LeSaint Logistics

Published February 18, 2010

VISTA, CA (BRAIN)—Electra Bicycle Co. has partnered with LeSaint Logistics to provide warehousing, inventory and real-time shipping control, management and reporting.

Electra sought to gain better command of internal logistics and, at the same time, to co-develop solutions that would put the company in a better position to meet organization goals, provide higher customer satisfaction, support sales growth and exceed customer expectations.

"LeSaint is giving us the best 3PL service we've ever had," said Skip Hess, president and CEO of Electra Bicycle. "We look forward to expanding the creative partnership that we have developed. Now we've got a handle on our inventory like we never had before—in the past we struggled with product damage and the lack of flexibility to develop a program that fit directly with our specific needs. With LeSaint, we've corrected these challenges plus gained some very vital technology support. This is an exciting time and the partnership with LeSaint will help us exceed our objectives."

"We've proven with Electra Bicycle that by providing hands on touch to their products and co-developing a true solution specific to what they need, all backed by our real-time support technologies, we have created a real custom solution that works for the active market manufacturers and distributors," said Jeff Pennington, LeSaint's president. "We are a direct extension of their business, cognizant of the fact that their customers are also our customers."

LeSaint's solutions for Electra include a complete redesign of the container unloading and palletizing methodologies that were in place, a systemic change in the storage and warehousing of bicycles as they are prepared for shipping to the end customer, real-time capture and inventorying of electronic serial numbers per bicycle, installation of a FIFO inventory management system and implementation of full FTP electronic data exchange from receipt of product through the entire enterprise. Additionally, LeSaint's TechKnow software suite gives Electra Bicycle 24/7 real-time access to all warehousing and shipping data.

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