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Todson Settles Lawsuit with GI

Published August 18, 2010

TUSCON, AZ (BRAIN)—Todson and Zefal have settled with Genuine Innovations for an undisclosed amount. Genuine Innovations had sued Todson last October, claiming that a Zefal CO2 inflator infringes on the one of Genuine Innovations' patents.

The Zefal branded CO2 pump was distributed by Todson to Walmart stores.

Genuine Innovations claimed in its lawsuit that the Zefal branded CO2 device used technology patented by Genuine Innovations and was being sold in the U.S. Todson admitted to patent infringement and has agreed to no longer make or sell the product in question, in addition to the financial settlement.

"We are pleased to have reached an amicable settlement," said Todson president Neal Todrys.

The 388 patent issued January 18, 2005 was the invention of Genuine Innovations co-founder Tony Hollars. The patent covers a compressed gas cartridge dispensing system that is capable of handling both threaded and unthreaded CO2 cartridges of various capacities.

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