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DealerCamp 2011 Dates Announced

Published August 24, 2010

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA (BRAIN)—Next year's DealerCamp will be held July 26-28 in Deer Valley, Utah.

Following on the success of the 2010 event, which featured 53 brands, the 2011 event seeks to make reasonable gains in attendance of both exhibitors and retailers while keeping an eye on the overwhelming feedback to keep the event intimate, according to a press release.

“We’ve heard from our advisory board, the brands and the retailers about their wishes for modest growth, but more importantly the desire to keep the intimacy and the exclusive atmosphere that we created this July in Deer Valley. These exhibit dates are some of the most important days for a retailer, who may be deciding on a significant buy or product range, so we need to keep that comfort. Just footsteps from their room or condo, it will be unlike any other demo event out there,” said Lance Camisasca, president of Lifeboat Events.

Further tuning provides mid-week exhibit days for the benefit of retailer attendees. Exhibitors can plan their calendars, with move-in dates of July 24 and 25 and expo dates of July 26, 27 and 28. They can also plan on a significant reduction in exhibit rates, with details to be announced on September 15.

Retailers can look forward to a 25 percent increase in subsidized invitations in 2011. Additionally while dealers said they truly loved the assortment and access to exhibiting brands at DealerCamp 2010, they could very well have more than twice as many brands to camp with next year.

Tracy Player, buyer for Cambria Bicycle Outfitter in Cambria, California, said DealerCamp 2010 was excellent. “I had time to talk to vendors and demo bikes, which was great,” said Player. “I didn’t feel like I was competing for face time. And the business cards I pocketed were from the heads of companies."

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