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Diamondback Launches New Site

Published September 9, 2010

KENT, WA (BRAIN)—Diamondback has unveiled a new Web site that speaks to mountain bikers, BMX riders, roadies and casual cyclists.

The new site offers a personal showroom of bikes, stock full of features like one-click bike shopping.

"The idea behind the redesign was to provide an engaging experience that connects viewers with our brand and give them simple tools for navigating through the site," said Diamondback marketing manager Jon Kennedy. "The design guides users to the bikes and all the good stuff as fast as possible."

When users are viewing a bike they now have the ability to jump directly to a dealer site and buy a bike with a single click. Additionally, Diamondback added QR codes to its ads and marketing collateral that can be scanned with smartphones, which in turn conveniently redirects users to (click on above link).

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