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Attendance Swells for Taichung Bike Week

Published October 11, 2010

TAICHUNG, Taiwan (BRAIN)—The Tempus, one of the key show hotels at Taichung Bike Week, has sold out of exhibitor space and the Evergreen is filling fast. Organizers say they may have to find another downtown hotel, most likely the Splendor, to help meet demand.

Steve Fenton, owner of Pro-Lite and one of the event’s organizers, said as the event grows it’s starting to compete with hotels that also book weddings and other events unrelated to the industry. The Landis, for example, a hotel well known by industry executives, is currently unable to offer exhibit space due to its wedding schedules, he said.

“One of our biggest problems for finding space is weddings,” said Fenton during an informal dinner he hosted for Bicycle Retailer & Industry News and Bike Europe. “Weddings are a lucrative source of income for these hotels,” he added.

To date, about 110 companies have signed up for Taichung Bike Week, including companies hosting product managers at the Freshfields Resort, held in a rural area west of downtown. “We’re also starting to see more visitors coming from South America this year,” he added.

Taichung Bike Week officially kicks off Dec. 4-8. It’s the linking event between Ride On at the Freshfields Resort, which runs Dec. 1-6, and SRAM’s annual Taiwanathon, held at its Taichung offices, Dec. 5-8. In addition, Taichung’s mayor, Jason Hu, again will host Taichung Bike Week’s “Industry Dinner” Dec. 6 at the Evergreen Hotel. Last year more than 350 guests filled the hotel’s main ballroom and organizers expect a repeat this December.

Fenton urged anyone who wishes to attend the dinner to sign-up online a or they may find themselves out of luck. Bike Expo, the Munich, Germany, trade show held in mid-July, is again hosting the dinner, Fenton said.

The city of Taichung will once again provide free shuttle rides to the various venues with buses running on a 30-minute schedule between the Evergreen, Tempus and Freshfields Resort.

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