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DK to Limit Mail Order, Online Shops

Published November 5, 2010

SPRINGBORO, OH (BRAIN)—DK will now limit all mail order and online shops in order to continue to offer the best BMX products and to put the control back in the hands of the IBD. As a result, these few large mail order companies will no longer be carrying the DK brand.

"Today’s BMX market has changed tremendously over the past several years and consumers have more options than ever before, forcing us to rethink about the industry as a whole and our place within it," said DK's Trevor Gay in a press release.

"It is no secret that a few mail order companies have captured a large percentage of the BMX market and this has put a strain on our relationship with our independent bicycle dealers," he added. "In an effort to protect the DK brand and to continue to build our relationships with the bicycle dealers, we are making some drastic changes."

Along with DK's renewed efforts to strengthen its relationships with the IBD, DK will also keep an internet presence through "Here we will be in a better position to protect MAP pricing and healthier IBD margins," Gay added.

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