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Taichung's Splendor Rejoins Bike Week

Published November 22, 2010

TAICHUNG, Taiwan (BRAIN)—The Splendor Hotel is back in the mix for Taichung Bike Week, offering rooms for visitors and space for exhibitors.

The Splendor is located just a few blocks from the Tempus and Evergreen Hotels, which had previously been announced as host hotels for the “mini-show,” which runs Dec. 5-8. Scores of product managers are expected to attend Taichung Bike Week and related events in early December to finalize spec for their 2012 lines. The Splendor had been part of last year’s event, but only recently reached an agreement with Bike Week organizers to participate this year.

Fourteen exhibitors, most of them from Taiwan, will be showing at the Splendor, including S-Sun, Jagwire, GLM, Alpina, and Rotor. Exhibition spaces are still available at the hotel.

“It’s the most important bike show in the industry now,” said Steve Fenton of Taichung-based Pro-Lite, who is one of the volunteer organizers of Taichung Bike Week. “It’s cheap to be there and it lets product managers do more work in a day than they can do in 10 days at other trade shows. Any brand that is not there will get left behind by their competitors.”

In a separate event, SRAM is hosting product managers at its nearby factories for Taiwanathon, scheduled for Dec. 5-8. Other companies host daily seminars and test rides at Ride On Taiwan from Dec. 1-6, which takes place at the Freshfields resort hotel on the outskirts of Taichung.

For information about reserving rooms or exhibition space at the Splendor during Taichung Bike Week, contact Jonathan Chen,, or Jenny Lu,

—Doug McClellan

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