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Triathlon America, DealerCamp Team Up

Published January 20, 2011

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA (BRAIN)—Lifeboat Events, promoters of DealerCamp, have formed a promotional partnership with Triathlon America, an industry organization dedicated to promoting the sport and the business of triathlon, to create a Triathlon America GearCamp at DealerCamp this July in Utah.

Recognizing the value that the sport of triathlon brings to retailers, the expanded DealerCamp will now offer triathlon-specific meetings and select events, with more details to be announced soon, according to a press release.

“I love triathlons, have done some 50 in my life, and I feel we need to give more respect to this growing segment of our cycling community. We are thrilled to produce a Triathlon America zone at DealerCamp just for the Tri community. This will not only be a benefit to multi-sport specific retailers but all bicycle retailers who carry Tri gear,” said Scott Montgomery, chairman at Lifeboat Events.

The newly formed Triathlon America coalition was founded in late 2010 by a group of industry leaders and visionaries who saw the need for the triathlon business community to come together in an organization dedicated to promoting the sport and the business of triathlon.

“We recognize that this event can serve the triathlon brands the same way the big brand private shows cater to their dealers. The sport of triathlon has grown incredibly over the last decade and we think Triathlon America will be the brain trust to bring together like minded companies to steer the course of the future of great sport of triathlon”, said Jack Caress, president of Triathlon America.

The association with Triathlon America will usher in a raft of new brands to DealerCamp. Among those coming aboard with the signing of this agreement include Orca, Orbea and Champion System custom technical apparel.

"The combination of DealerCamp and Triathlon America GearCamp makes this a must do event for Orbea and Orca,” said Tony Karklins, managing director of Orbea USA. “We now have the perfect venue to introduce our 2012 range of road, tri and mountain products and at the perfect time of the season. The combined events will bring together a much larger group of existing and prospective dealers in a more intimate and productive environment than any other industry show and at a fraction of the cost of holding our own private event."

“Sadly, until now there has not been a major trade show that addresses the growing product segment, never mind its own exhibition pavilion, meeting spaces and events. We are happy to be finally providing the triathlon community with some much needed and deserved love,” said Lance Camisasca, president at Lifeboat Events.

DealerCamp 2011 is scheduled for July 26-28.

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