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Hawley Launches New Website

Published January 26, 2011

LEXINGTON, SC (BRAIN)—After the official announcement of a company-wide rebranding effort and debut of their new logo, Hawley now introduces an updated 2011 website.

“Although the site has clearly changed visually and to an extent, functionally; our goal was not to completely overhaul the site. We knew how important it was to keep familiar to our loyal customers so that they can spend less time navigating through the site and get back to doing what they do best on their sales floors and work shops,” said Phil Allison, director of IT.

In keeping with the evolution of Hawley, the website revision includes an overall more streamlined user-interface and checkout process along with a freight calculating system and the ability to pay at the time of order, according to a press release. Probably the most noticeable transformation is in the innovative layout for easier viewing on smaller screens including smart phones and iPads.

“The existing site was far better than in years past, but it really wasn’t the best that it could be," he said. "We are confident that with the present iteration, current and prospective dealers will agree in saying that the new site is a joy to do business with.”

For more information visit (click on above link).

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