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DealerCamp Registration Now Open

Published February 2, 2011

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA (BRAIN)—As registration opens for retailers, DealerCamp has many new brands that are exhibiting at the July event, headlined by the addition of Felt Bicycles and Camelbak.

These brands arrive in time to participate in the nominating process for subsidized retailers, a cornerstone of DealerCamp’s success. In addition to Felt and Camelbak, Mercury Bikes, Blue Competition Cycles, Enve Composites, Parlee, Turner Bikes, Orbea, Lizard Skins and Rocky Mountain Bikes have all signed-on to participate. DealerCamp 2011 inscriptions to date have surpassed 2010 total, according to a press release.

"When we launched DealerCamp we knew it represented a key value for brands fighting for share of mind during the critical mid-summer period, but I must admit to being humbled by the broad acceptance of the industry. With brands such as Felt, Rocky Mountain and Camelbak aboard, we really have a critical mass,” said Lance Camisasca, president of Lifeboat Events, producers of DealerCamp.

Bill Deuhring, CEO at Felt Bicycles said, "I have a lot of confidence in Lance, and now with Scott Montgomery joining his team, I truly hope together Lifeboat Events can bring a good trade show option to the industry".

While 125 businesses will receive a travel subsidy, all bicycle and triathlon retailers are invited to attend. Registration for all attending retailers is now open. Dealers, industry affiliates, media and other can register now by visiting (click on above link) on the web and clicking the “DC 2011 Registration” tab.

With the late July timing, several brands have chosen to further activate their DealerCamp attendance with additional support activities such as sales meeting and key retailer events including Quality Bike Products, Scott Sports and Advanced Sports.

"The timing and Deer Valley location work nicely for us as we plan our own dealer event at our new QBP facility in Ogden. Dealers can travel more efficiently, ride more bikes, and plan their 2012 seasons more effectively, giving them the option to attend our event and continue to DealerCamp to continue their purchasing decisions. We’ve been working together with Lance and his team to orchestrate things and it’s been great,” said Todd Cravens at Quality Bicycle Products.

DealerCamp 2011 will commence on July 26 in Park City, Utah at the Deer Valley Resort.

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