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Last Year’s Imports: Highest in a Decade

Published February 22, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. (BRAIN)—Suppliers imported 19.77 million bikes into the United States last year, worth more than $1.43 billion, a historical record value for imports. The only year with more imports was 2000, when suppliers brought in 20.28 million bikes, but their value in unadjusted dollars was $1.12 billion.

Imports from Taiwan were 3 percent below 2009 levels through the third quarter, but importers of Taiwanese bikes received so many bikes in the final quarter that Taiwanese business with the United States ended up 12 percent over 2009. Most of these 823,018 Taiwanese made bikes were headed to the specialty retail channel.

Imports from China were up 34 percent over 2009 and accounted for 95 percent of all bikes imported. While the gains for Chinese exporters were across the board, exporters found ready buyers of juvenile bikes.

Imports of Chinese 24-inch bikes were up 63 percent, sub-20 inch wheel bikes were up 35 percent and 20-inch bikes were up 24 percent. Imports of Chinese produced 26-inch mountain and comfort bikes were up 40 percent.

—Matt Wiebe

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