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Adult Imports Starting Off Strong

Published March 25, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. (BRAIN)—Imports of mountain bikes in January were 51 percent higher than last year, and road bike imports are up 66 percent, according to Department of Commerce reports. Overall suppliers brought in 980,352 bikes, or 37,760 more than a year ago.

Identifying trends on one month’s data is always sketchy, but suppliers’ warnings that prices are going up are supported thus far. The average overall value of a bike imported in January is $108, compared to $80 a year ago.

Most of that cost increase is due to the greater mix of high-value adult bikes in what was brought in, so a better indicator is the value change in individual categories. Kid’s bikes are up with sidewalk imports jumping 9 percent, 20-inch imports up 15 percent and 24-inch up 4 percent in value. In adult categories, average value of mountain bikes is up 6 percent, and road bikes are up 3 percent.

Imports of kid’s bikes skyrocketed last year, so the 140,000 fewer bikes imported this year could be due to carry over inventory at mass retailers where most of these bikes are sold. Imports of sidewalk bikes are down 24 percent, imports of 20-inch down 25 percent, though imports of 24-inch were strong, up 26 percent.

—Matt Wiebe

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