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Gluskin Townley Expanding Retail Tool

Published May 3, 2011

ALLENTOWN, PA (BRAIN)—The Gluskin Townley Group, LLC (GTG) has formed a strategic partnership with Tahler & Associates, a full service retail and business counseling company located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with the goal of expanding the use of GTG’s successful Online Specialty Retail Survive or Thrive Assessment tool into the broader retail categories of appliances, consumer electronics, and computers.

The Assessment has been tailored from the successful program used in the bicycle and outdoor industries over the past three years. The Assessment provides a 360-degree view of a retailer’s entire business and brings focus on the weaker areas where the retailer can make improvements.

“Most retailers tend to be focused on year-end profit and loss statements to tell them how their business is performing, and particularly if the year was disappointing. Others will walk around their stores and look for ways to improve their merchandising, while some will concentrate on their product mix. All three are important, but they need to be looked at in the context of all the operating areas of the enterprise to understand how their entire business performs. Our assessment looks at the entire business, how each component supports or doesn’t support the mission of the retailer—providing excellent customer experiences and building and sustaining a profitable business,” said Elliot Gluskin, managing partner of the Gluskin Townley Group, LLC.

“This program targets the needs of the small to mid-size retailers and allows for minimal time and cost involvement, which businesses lack during this difficult economic climate,” said Nortm Tahler, managing partner of Tahler and Associates.

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