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Kid’s Bike Imports Fall Over First Quarter

Published May 13, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC (BRAIN)—Imports of children’s bikes fell so precipitously through March that even a 30 percent increase in 700C imports did little to push the needle.

Imports ended down 9 percent over the first quarter, off 290,813 units from the same period last year.

Rising raw material and transportation costs is pushing the average price of a bike up. Kid’s bikes are up 10 percent, mountain bikes are up 15 percent and road up nine percent, so far this year.

Part of the 30 percent increase in road imports is due to comparison to the first quarter last year when supply was tight and retailers short of bikes. Also 29er imports are mixed into road categories, so part of the increase in
road categories is more 29ers in the mix.

Surprisingly in a soft economy, imports from China, normally where suppliers turn for lower price bikes, are down 11 percent, while imports from Taiwan are up 37 percent.

—Matt Wiebe

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