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Yakima Moving All Manufacturing to China

Published July 21, 2011

BEAVERTON, OR (BRAIN)—Yakima is in the process of consolidating all manufacturing and assembly to its facility in Nanjing, China, where the majority of the company’s manufacturing already takes place.


That means by the end of 2011 its Tijuana, Mexico facility—that largely did assembly, but did some manufacturing—will close down, according to vice president, supply chain and operations Josh Creasman. He said this move has been planned for some time and all impacted employees are being well treated during this transition. He would not comment on how many total employees work in Tijuana.

"The Tijuana facility has served us well for many years," Creasman said. "We’re focused on significant global growth. This manufacturing consolidation to China will enhance our ability to support global growth strategies. This will also greatly simplify and centralize our supply chain."

Creasman also said that Yakima will eventually open up a cargo box manufacturing facility near Mexico in the U.S. It makes more sense because of logistical expenses to have cargo boxes manufactured in North America rather than China and shipped globally, according to Creasman.

Yakima is owned by Kemflo International Ltd, which acquired the company in 2009.

—Jason Norman

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