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QBP Shock Treatment Center Gets X-Fusion

Published September 20, 2011

BLOOMINGTON, MN (BRAIN)—The QBP Shock Treatment Center (STC) has achieved certification as an official X-Fusion authorized service center for forks, rear shocks and adjustable seat posts.

STC is the only X-Fusion distributor service center in North America authorized to repair the manufacturer’s products.

“Our team is fully trained and up to speed on all X-Fusion products,” said Don Amundson, STC technical and customer service lead. He noted that the additional service capacity comes at a good time for independent bike dealers. “A whole generation of rear shocks that X-Fusion produced for OE spec in 2009 and older is now out of warranty,” he said. “STC is well equipped to meet the growing demand for servicing these shocks.”

“We are very excited to partner with QBPʼs Shock Treatment Center,” said John Valera, X-Fusion USA sales and service manager. “With the knowledge and training that Don has received through X-Fusion USA, we can honestly say that any service needed on any X-Fusion product in the U.S. will be addressed and handled in a very timely fashion.”

Most repairs on X-Fusion products can be turned around in 48 hours, Amundson added.

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