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Move Press Pushes Up Print Commitment

Published November 18, 2011

PASADENA, CA (BRAIN)—Move Press grows its peloton and 3/Go magazines to nine issues next year while its newest title, switchback, steps up to six editions. All magazines are also offered via digital flipbook subscriptions.

Bumping up the print commitment has been in the business plan for Move Press since it launched in 14 months ago, said editorial director Brad Roe. More pages mean more space for special issues.

“We’re looking at special projects during key times, the Tour or the Giro, that would be either print or film,” he said. This is similar to last year when Move Press introduced Italian and French films to complement issues of peloton dedicated to cycling culture in those countries.

Move Press publishes all three titles with its core in-house editorial, advertising and circulation staff and has also expanded its team of regular contributors to fill the pages.

Roe doesn’t anticipate expanding its portfolio in the immediate future. Move Press launched in September 2010 with peloton, followed by 3/GO in April and switchback earlier this month.

“I wouldn’t say there aren’t going to be other titles, but I would say in 2012 we’re focusing on these three brands, especially with switchback just coming out of the gate,” he said.

Another initiative for next year is to broaden its distribution to specialty bike shops. Early on, Move Press landed a lucrative distribution agreement with Barnes & Noble that exposed customers at its 700 retail outlets to the magazines. It also has a deal with Competitive Cyclist to deliver the magazines to its customers. But, to date, it has not actively pursued brick and mortar shops, something Roe has had on his mind since the start. He’s devised a program to ease the hassle traditionally associated with stocking magazines. Dealers sign up and buy however many copies they want at deeply discounted prices—50 to 60 percent off the cover cost—and are free to do whatever they’d like with the magazines without worrying about a requirement to rip off covers from unsold issues and to return to the publisher for a rebate.

Northern California chain Mike’s Bikes was the first retailer to sell Move Press’ titles in its six shops. Roe sees peloton, 3/Go and switchback as a natural fit in shops that have become gathering places for riders in their communities.

“We want to be part of that new destination dealer culture where bike shop is part of someone’s life,” he said. “We want to be in that mix.”

Move Press starts next year with significant momentum including a recognition for peloton as the “Hottest Launch” for 2011 by min, sister publication of FOLIO: Magazine. The Library Journal also selected peloton has one of its “10 Best Launches.”

—Nicole Formosa

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