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Merida founder Ike Tseng dies

Published January 31, 2012

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) Jan 31, 12:25 MT—At age 81, Merida founder Ike Tseng passed away Monday. Tseng founded Merida Industry Co. Ltd. in September 1972 and became an icon of the international bicycle industry. He continued to serve as chairman of the board of Merida until his death.

“He was a man whose vision, leadership, inspiration and dedication over the past 40 years had successfully built Merida into a global top quality bicycle production company and a leading brand in the world," said Michael Tseng, CEO of Merida Industry.

“Ike was also a statesman for the industry leading multiple industry organizations. Between 1997 and 2003 he served as a multi-term chairman of Taiwan Bicycle Exporters’ Association, transforming Taiwan into the world’s leader of innovative and high-quality bicycles.”

"At the end of the 20th century, the Taiwanese bicycle industry was facing strong competition from Chinese producers. The overall bicycle exportation from Taiwan decreased year by year. Nevertheless Ike Tseng always inspired the bicycle industry to focus on branding, improving sales channel, product innovation and to develop new technologies. He successfully transformed Taiwan into the world’s leader in innovative and high-quality bicycles. As a result Taiwan’s bicycle export started to increase again as of 2000,” the association said in a release.

“He had a passion for bicycles and the bicycle industry. He shared this commitment with everyone he worked with.”

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