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Zoic to host 'Changing Station’ at Demo

Published August 22, 2012

SAN DIEGO, CA (BRAIN)Participants at Interbike's OutDoor Demo this year won't have to change clothes in a dusty parking lot or take the shuttle bus back to The Strip wearing a sweaty chamois, thanks to an "Official Changing Station" hosted by Zoic.

Zoic's OutDoor Demo booth (#D1105) will include four private enclosures for changing, and amenities such as chamois cream, sunscreen and cleaning wipes.
Zoic’s  will  complement  the  Changing  Station  with  apparel  giveaways  and  discounted  product  sales aimed at attending  dealers.  “We  are  excited  to  mark  our  first  participation  at  OutDoor  Demo with this unique  sponsorship  we  created  with  Interbike,”  said  Paul  Wyandt,  Zoic's CEO.  

Zoic will present its 2013 line at the OutDoor Demo and at its Interbike booth (#18041).

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