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Giro sells special-edition products through Facebook

Published January 7, 2013
The First Friday cap sold out quickly Friday.

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) — Giro launched a new program Friday to offer limited-edition items to its fans on Facebook. The first item, a cotton cycling cap, quickly sold out its run of 50.

"There are times when ideas simply come too late for a product cycle, or there are too many good ideas to fit into our product line, or the ideas simply aren’t something that can be easily mass-produced," a Giro statement said. "Rather than let go of these great ideas and inspirations, Giro has decided to produce a limited run of special products, just for their fans on Facebook."

The products will be offered on the first Friday of each month. “This is a chance for our designers to see some of their more creative, or niche, ideas come to life. And at the same time, we can offer our friends and fans a chance to get something truly special from us," said Giro’s design director, Eli Atkins. 

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