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Easton-Bell agrees to license DuPont’s Kevlar trademark

Published October 17, 2013

WILMINGTON, DE (BRAIN) — Easton-Bell will be a licensee of the DuPont Kevlar brand for various bicycle products, including tires and locks, resolving the Kevlar trademark dispute between the parties.

DuPont filed a trademark infringement suit against Easton-Bell Sports in January, claiming Easton-Bell’s use of trademarks “DuPont” and “Kevlar” on packaging for its bicycle tires and locks suggested sponsorship or endorsement of these products by DuPont, when the companies had no such relationship.

The parties had been engaged in discussions regarding the possibility of entering into a licensing agreement to resolve their differences last year, but Easton-Bell Sports declined DuPont’s proposed license, and DuPont sued when those negotiations broke down. This new agreement ends the company’s legal battle over the use of the Kevlar brand.

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