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Yakima says Costco bought its products on gray market

Published March 20, 2014

BEAVERTON, Ore. (BRAIN) — Rack maker Yakima says Costco Wholesale is not authorized to sell its products, despite two Yakima items appearing at its stores recently. The company said it's committed to selling only through its authorized dealers. 

"Costco is not an authorized Yakima dealer, and the company sourced our products through an international distributor," said Jason McGibbon, senior director of sales at Yakima. "Yakima has made significant gains into global markets with our brand portfolio in recent years, and with this growth come more opportunities for unscrupulous purchasing activities. We have identified Costco's unauthorized distribution source and we are now taking all actions within our means to cease any further sales of these products." 

"As a member of the outdoor industry community, Yakima is fully committed to our partnership with authorized dealers, and to working diligently toward cleaning up marketplace distribution, managing MAP pricing and eliminating opportunistic gray market sellers," continued McGibbon.


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