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SDG unveils new website and product changes

Published May 13, 2014

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (May 12, 2014) – SDG Components has launched a new website at

The site includes all of the company's new and updated saddles, including the Bel-Air 2.0's, Circuit Mtn's, limited Fusion Gold Series and more.

"Since the acquisition of SDG in 2009, our dedicated team has been full throttle, enhancing all facets of the brand and ultimately our product portfolio," said SDG Components' president, Tyler Anspach.

"Internally, we've made huge strives refining our lineup, yet we never fully executed in communicating the technical aspects to our consumer base. So today, I'm excited with the launch of this platform, as it will enable us to take a more educational approach going forward – focusing on features and the benefits, aiding consumers to their ideal saddle selection, based on individual needs and personal riding preferences. Clearly more so than just colors," 

The new site takes a comprehensive look into the technical elements and enhanced product details. In-depth descriptions of the products include new segmented family categories, multiple high-resolution images, technical highlights, specifications, and individual product videos.

Consumers can view products in the three main categories: MTB, CX, and Road. 

SDG products are distributed through QBP and BTI in the United States and through a network of more than 30 international distributors.

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