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Accell plans traveling e-bike retail support program for Raleigh and Lapierre

Published December 29, 2014

KENT, Wash. (BRAIN) — Accell North America is launching a retail support program for its Raleigh and Lapierre branded e-bikes. The program — which includes two Sprinter vans that will visit stores nationwide this year — is modeled on a similar program run by Accell NA's IZIP brand.

The "eBike Category Activator" program is intended to help retailers market and merchandise the two brands' electric bikes.

"In the past, e-bikes haven't been as successful in North America as they could have been, and in some case retailers have been burned by the category," said Rob Kaplan, Currie Technologies/EBCC vice president of sales and marketing. "Selling and delivering e-bikes to retailers is half the effort. Helping them market, merchandise, and demo this category will help retailers accomplish sales levels similar to what's been seen in Europe during the last 10 years."

Aaron Edler will cover the eastern U.S. and Ash Murrin will cover the West.

They will consult with existing and new e-bike retailers on in-store merchandising, website, electronic and social media marketing, provide technical and educational clinics to store employees, and conduct consumer demo events at the stores or at other local events.

"The goal of the program is to help retailers and their staff feel comfortable with the technology, the customers, and the unique sales process associated with eBikes," said Kaplan. "The right product assortment, creative merchandising and marketing, an engaged and educated staff, and demos to help consumers experience the thrill of an e-bike, is exactly how we have grown IZIP, eFlow and Haibike sales, and is our formula for success for Raleigh and Lapierre as well."

Retailers interested in more information about the Raleigh and Lapierre eBike Category Activator program, can contact Kaplan at

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