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Champion System merges its US and Canadian businesses

Published November 10, 2015

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (BRAIN) — Brooklyn-based Champion System (U.S.) has agreed to unite and control business from the former Champion System (Canada). The brand is now being called Champion System North America, effective immediately.

The company said the move provides additional capital opportunities in growing service territories and the ability to share best practices.

"Customers will soon be able to upgrade their shipping priority free of charge, and will see a new custom portal when they log in to place orders," said Scott Kaylin, the co-founder of Champion System.

Headquarters for the North American office will remain in the Brooklyn location that has managed and controlled U.S. business since 2009.

"Our commitment is to continue to create long-term industry relationships and brand value," said Kaylin. "It is a great strategic fit to our 2016 plans and beyond. Fusing U.S. and Canada only strengthens our base and creates benefits to all of the customers and companies we do business with."


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