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RPM2 lowers price of footbed power meter

Published April 26, 2016

FORT WORTH, Texas (BRAIN) — RPM2 is offering its footbed based power meter for $399, making it one of the lowest-priced power meters on the market. The price is available to the 500 customers to buy the meter from the brand's website using a discount code.

RPM2's footbed measures both running and cycling power and symmetry. The insoles work with Android and iOS smartphones and is ANT+ and .FIT compatible.

The company also announced that is working with author Jim Vance on an upcoming book, "Run with Power," which is being published by VeloPress. 

Keith Hill, RPM2's retail sales manager, said, "We are excited about Jim's book and how running with power will revolutionize the way athletes train with power, similar to what has been seen with cycling power meters. Additionally, RPM2 now affords athletes the ability to measure and train with power, both off and on the bike."

The footbeds can measure gait, power, force distribution, and range of motion, which the company said makes them useful for coaches, bike fitters, retailers and athletes.  

RPM2 CEO Johnny Ross said, "We want to help bike fitters with on- and off-the-bike assessments during the fit process so they can help their athletes achieve greater power and efficiency. We also want to support the thousands of coaches with absolute evaluative data to remotely coach to performance, as well as provide our retailers the ability to use RPM2 for shoe fitting and assessments of their customers. We encourage coaches, bike fitters, retailers and athletes to inquire about becoming an authorized reseller."

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