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Michelin updates MAP policy in North America, bans third-party online sales

Published May 20, 2016

GREENVILLE, S.C. (BRAIN) — Michelin North America's bicycle tire division has started enforcing a new "Unilateral Minimum Advertised Price" (UMAP) policy that includes the prohibition of third party sales of its products. The policy covers its two exclusive distributors in North America, Quality Bicycle Products in the U.S. and Lambert in Canada.


The policy, which began on May 1, 2016, prohibits retailers from using online third party market places, such as eBay or Amazon, for the display, promotion, sale, or fulfillment of any Michelin bicycle product. 

Retailers also are forbidden from advertising Michelin bike products below MAP. Michelin said it has begun closely monitoring and enforcing this policy.

Michelin has eliminated MSRP in favor of a single price as specified in the UMAP policy.

"Michelin is committed to maintaining the value of our products and protecting the investment our retailers and consumers make in the products," said Tim Saunders, Michelin North America sales manager for two-wheel products. "By enforcing this comprehensive policy, we are reaffirming our dedication to manufacturing premium products and protecting the specialty bike retailers, consumers and ultimately our brand value."

Dealers can direct questions and obtain a copy of Michelin's UMAP policy as well as a complete price list from their QBP or Lambert sales contact or by contacting Michelin directly at

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