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Trek offers scholarships for women’s-focused tech courses

Published June 6, 2016

WATERLOO, Wis. (BRAIN) — Trek has launched a scholarship-based program to sponsor women technicians to attend the School of Certified Service at the company’s Waterloo headquarters.

“With women making up less than 10 percent of technicians in the bicycle industry today, it is our goal to grow this number substantially,” Trek stated. “In addition to the five courses currently being offered, the school has added three women’s-only courses: Women’s Trek Certified Assembly Technician (Aug. 15-19), Women’s Trek Certified Repair Technician (Sept. 19-23), and Women’s Trek Certified Expert Technician (Nov. 14-19). These three were specifically designed for those of all technical abilities to obtain the professional skills to further their careers in the cycling industry.”

The curriculum is designed to develop each student's skills beyond the wrench, with an emphasis placed on maximizing employee retention, offering a clear career path, the importance and benefits of professionalism, and the customer experience — all while increasing the efficiency and critical thinking skills of a retailers’ most valuable staff. Courses accommodate 12 to 20 students, depending on subject matter.

Trek Certified Service will provide 10 scholarships to applicants from all levels of technical background, experience and affiliation. The scholarships cover tuition, lodging, meals, travel and “surprise goodies,” Trek stated.

The application deadline is June 27. Interested parties can apply here

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