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Stan's NoTubes hires ORIS Intel to monitor MAP pricing

Published September 13, 2016

BIG FLATS, N.Y. (BRAIN) — Stan's NoTubes has hired ORIS Intelligence to monitor online minimum advertised prices (MAP) for its line of tubeless bicycle wheels, rims, sealant and other related products.

"Demand for Stan's NoTubes products continues to be strong, and maintaining the value of our brand is important to us. Our MAP policy was designed to protect our brand value and to support our trusted dealers and distributors who have helped us build that value through the years with their knowledge of our products and technical support," said James Malta, domestic account manager at Stan's NoTubes. "For any policy to be effective, there must be clear, consistent enforcement. We believe that ORIS Intel will provide us with the tools needed to manage this task."

NoTubes first implemented a MAP policy in 2013. The new MAP monitoring partnership with ORIS Intel took effect at the beginning of this month.

"Stan's NoTubes is committed to providing its dealers with the tools they need to service customers to the fullest, so we're happy to help them deliver a more consistent brand and pricing experience," said ORIS Intel CEO Pamela Springer. "Our around-the-clock monitoring ensures that Stans NoTubes has a near real-time view of pricing to help them move fast and minimize price cascading."

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