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Van Dessel website lets customers include their current equipment in new bike build

Published November 28, 2016

MENDHAM, N.J. (BRAIN) — Van Dessel Cycles has launched a new website allowing customers with pricey carbon wheels or carbon cockpits to integrate those components into bike builds, giving dealers greater flexibility to complete builds.

“We have noticed a trend and taken feedback that many enthusiast customers want to use their previously purchased carbon fiber wheels on their new builds. We have seen this with the rider compartment as well,” said Rob Vander Veur, Van Dessel’s vice president of sales and development. 

A new feature the company added to its custom build program on the site is the option to build a bike as a sub-assembly by removing the wheels or rider compartment. 

“I feel this is a unique opportunity for dealers who support a wheel program or rider compartment program to buy sub-assemblies and use wheels or rider compartment components that they may have in stock. The dealer can have greater control over the final suggest retail price and create a unique spec,” he said.

While not a full “a la carte” offering, the program is designed to offer flexibility with competitive pricing structure and margin. To see more of the updated site see


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