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G. Joannou Cycles announces online sales program for Nirve Bicycles

Published December 13, 2016
Nirve bikes now available online with delivery through IBDs.

NORTHVALE, N.J. (BRAIN) — G. Joannou Cycles, the owner of Nirve Bicycles, has announced a new online sales program for the brand called All-Access. The Nirve line will now be available direct to consumers online with final delivery and fulfillment taking place at a local bicycle shop of the buyer's choice.

"We all know lifestyle is an important growing segment of the market," said Carine Joannou, G. Joannou's president and CEO. "When we purchased Nirve three years ago we were impressed with the strong brand dedication and related consumer website traffic. Nirve's site growth has increased every year and today receives over 8,000 unique visitors per week with an average online session of almost five minutes. These are impressive and telling numbers. However, while the interest of consumers has been strong, fulfillment has been challenging."

"We also know that since Nirve first launched in 1999 it has been through a variety of hands and sales models. It is our goal to settle this down and chart a clear, sustainable direction — one which supports the IBD and at the same time addresses consumer demand."

The Nirve website has been updated with a new design and shopping cart feature.

Consumers who buy a bike through the site will select their preferred retailer where they want to pick it up. After paying MSRP plus $49 for shipping and handling, the consumer receives an order confirmation from Nirve and estimated pick-up date at the selected retailer. Simultaneously the selected retailer receives an email notification that a bike has been sold and is being shipped to them for assembly and delivery. Stocking Nirve dealers will receive full MSRP profit margin from the sale while non-stocking dealers who have signed up as assembly-only destinations receive an assembly fee. The company said sold bikes will not be shipped to any dealer without their notice or pre-approval.

Dealers are asked to assemble the sold bike within 48 hours of receiving it.  

Jeff Young, VP of domestic sales for Jamis and Nirve, said, "We sincerely believe the new Nirve All-Access program is right for everybody involved including the customer and dealer ... This model allows the shopper to find the product they desire and rewards the dealer as part of the sale, service and overall process. It compensates the shop for acting as a point of delivery and also provides an opportunity to build a new customer relationship — something we all know is highly coveted in these competitive times."

Dealers interested in carrying Nirve or knowing more about the new online program can contact their inside or outside Nirve rep, or send an email to Emily DeLalla at:

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