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Two longtime employees buy Velo Orange from its founder

Published February 13, 2017

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (BRAIN) — Two longtime employees have bought Velo Orange from the brand's founder, Chris Kulczycki.

Igor Shteynbuk and Adrian Nelson purchased all of the assets of Velo Orange and its associated brands, Grand Cru Components and Dajia Cycleworks.

Nelson said Velo Orange will continue with its current business model and sales channels, while seeking to increase its market presence and create innovative products that adhere to the classic aesthetic. "That's what Velo Orange is about: offering a wide assortment of parts that look as great as they function," she said.

Nelson and Shteynbuk each have long resumes of domestic and international bike touring, Velo Orange's main niche.

Shteynbuk said, "We're extremely excited for this opportunity. Going forward, Velo Orange will continue producing unique products that have one foot in the classic realm while adhering to modern prototyping, testing, and production procedures. Velo Orange will also strive to build closer relationships with our dealers, distributors, customers, and suppliers."

Kulczycki founded Velo Orange in 2006 to import products from Europe and Japan as well as produce accessories under the brand name. As sources for NOS products dried up, Velo Orange expanded into designing and producing private label racks, handlebars, fenders, frames, and other components.

Kulczycki said, "Velo Orange has always been and remains a very successful and profitable enterprise. It's a company that I'm proud of. It's also a company that I enjoyed building and growing, very much so. I also enjoyed hanging with the VO staff, who are the best group of folks I've ever worked with. Best of luck to Adrian and Igor."

On his blog, Kulczycki said he sold the company so he could retire — again. He originally founded Velo Orange as something of a retirement hobby but it turned into a real business, he said.

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