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Masi launches online bike sales, with delivery through dealers

Published May 10, 2017

VISTA, Calif. (BRAIN) — Haro Bicycle Corp. is now selling its Masi-branded bikes online through its site, with delivery via the nearest local Masi dealer if available.

"The vast majority of consumers are used to researching and shopping online," said Rickey Strawn, director of sales at Haro Bicycle Corporation. "Incorporating the IBD channel is a logical extension. Our program streamlines the bike-buying process so consumers can shop on their own terms."

Bikes purchased online will be shipped to the nearest local dealer chosen by the consumer for build and pickup. If the retailer has the model in stock, the dealer sells the unit from their store. If not, it is shipped to the location for assembly.

"We are aiming to create the ultimate consumer experience with a seamless transition between online and offline sales where the consumer is catered to with a personalized experience once in the store," Strawn said. "We see the human element of a cross-channel sales experience being very important.

"Ninety-three percent of consumers shop in multiple sales channels before transacting," he said. "Embracing modern consumer behavior and developing strategies around how they shop is a winning strategy for Masi Bikes and our dealers."

Strawn said dealer registration is free and the program is compatible with many POS systems.

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