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Former Guru painter, Joey Sivilla, starts refinishing business in Montreal

Published June 19, 2017
MONTRÉAL (BRAIN) — Joey Sivilla, a former painter for Guru Cycles, has opened a bike paint, repair and restoration business here, specializing in creative custom finishes.
Sivilla said since Guru shut down, he’s been getting referrals through Instagram and word of mouth.
“It was a snowball effect, because the more work I get, the more people see what I’m doing and contact me. I hope it stays that way because it’s going really well now,” he said.
Sivilla’s business is called Insayne Kustomz. He does carbon fiber repair, custom paint, touch-ups and complete restoration, even including chrome plating. He works with retailers, many of whom he met when he was with Guru, and directly with customers.
Sivilla currently uses the paint booth at T-Lab, a titanium frame maker founded by Guru’s founder, Tony Giannascoli, with two partners. Sivilla also consults with T-Lab on finishing projects.
Sivilla said he hopes to set up his own paint shop in the next two years.
“To have my own shop in my back yard is really my long-term dream,” he said. 
Sivilla can be reached at More of his work can be seen on Instagram at

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