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Velotooler updates with features for bike share managers, direct bike sales and teams

Published July 24, 2017
A screen shot of part of Velotooler's bike share feature.

HAMDEN, Conn. (BRAIN) — Velotooler, which launched last year to help connect consumers with freelance mechanics, has updated its platform to add features for bike share fleet managers, consumer-direct bike brands and race teams.

Velotooler is now set up to accept business accounts for the managers of bike fleets, including bike share fleets, allowing fleet managers to bring in Velotooler's mechanics as needed. The system also creates a database of bikes in the fleet with maintenance records and facilitates payments and communication between the fleet manager and the mechanics. Velotooler already is working with On Bike Share, which runs bike share operations in several states.

"Scheduling and group requests for all bikes allows running maintenance without any overhead, getting the best mechanics to support you when you need it," the company said.

The second update is aimed at bike brands selling consumer direct. This feature allows the brand to contract with Velotooler mechanics to assemble and service new bikes. The bikes can be shipped straight to the consumer or to the mechanic, and the system includes a bike database to track the bikes' delivery and any maintenance history, which could be used for warranty service down the road. The system can track any transfer of the bike to a new owner, which also could be useful for warranty or recall situations.

Velotooler also has added a marketplace feature for bike sales and a bike team feature.

Velotooler is title sponsor of CCB Velotooler, a UCI-registered Continental road team. The platform's new team features include a database of team bikes with serial numbers and photos, which could help discourage bike theft at events. Teams also can sell its bikes at the end of the season through the Velotooler marketplace. During the season, the bikes are listed on the site, which helps promote team sponsors and suppliers.

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