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Hammer Nutrition says it has ’extricated’ its product from Amazon and other websites

Published July 26, 2017

WHITEFISH, Mont. (BRAIN) — Hammer Nutrition says it has managed to remove all of its products from online marketplaces including,, and

The company said it has never sold directly to these channels. The company's minimum advertised price policy announced last year requires its dealers to register any website domain that will sell Hammer products.

Hammer's founder and CEO, Brian Frank, said, "It has always been our intention that Hammer Nutrition's premium products be sold primarily through independent specialty retail partners who share our values. This is why we have never sold to chain grocery stores or through online discount websites. The Amazon model is not one I support or want to be a part of, so I'm extremely happy to say that after years of hard work and legal maneuvering, we've finally extricated Hammer from this brand-destroying monolith."

Hammer Nutrition said it has long advocated for independent retailers and the local communities they serve. The brand has sponsored grassroots athletes and events while providing dealers with educational and training programs and retail-specific print collateral.

Bill Sirl, Hammer's inside sales manager, said, "We know Hammer buyers appreciate the premium products we produce, the educational resources we provide, and the values we uphold. They want pure, clean products made by a company they trust, sold by a local shop they also know they can trust and want to support. As anticipated, our marketplace exit program has had an immediate and positive effect on retail demand. We expect this trend to continue in 2017 and beyond. The dealer locator is the most used link on our consumer web site and can be found at"


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