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CrossVegas will remain CrossVegas ... in Reno

Published August 3, 2017

LONGMONT, Colo. (BRAIN) — The CrossVegas cyclocross race will make the move to Reno in 2018 along with Interbike, which announced Thursday that it would move to Reno next year. But the race will continue to be named CrossVegas, race organizer Brook Watts said. 


CrossVegas has been held during Interbike's week in Las Vegas since 2007.

CrossVegas 2018 will take place on Wednesday evening, Sept. 19, following the following the second indoor day of the Interbike show.

"Although the backdrop will change from the glitzy Vegas Strip to the stunningly beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains, the event will remain the same world-class Clif Bar CrossVegas that racers and spectators have loved for 11 years. CrossVegas will still provide industry bragging rights for the Wheelers & Dealers, VIP hospitality for sponsors, opportunities for bike industry participation at all levels and top level competition among the pro women and men," Watts said.

As for the name, Watts said, "So many people know that name and the associate it with a great evening of fun that we decided to hang onto it as part of the heritage of the event."

Preliminary plans include staging the race at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park, which is also the site of the USA Cycling National Cyclo-cross championships, to be held in January 2018. The park has been home to other 'cross events and is located close to downtown Reno.

This year's race, Sept. 20, will be the last time for racers to enjoy the Desert Breeze Soccer Complex in Las Vegas. Registration for this year's race opened Tuesday.

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