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Boulder Valley Velodrome put up for sale for $4.7 million

Published October 23, 2017

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Doug Emerson and Frank Banta called the Boulder Valley Velodrome their "field of dreams." Emerson and Banta built it, and cyclists came. Now the pair is seeking new owners who would take their dreams and make this Olympic-caliber velodrome a world-class venue.


"What we've done so far is nothing short of helping create a re-birth of track cycling in America," said Emerson, who also owns University Bicycles in downtown Boulder. Banta is a long time cyclist and is well known in the community. He's a founder of the Buffalo Bicycle Classic and owns Frank Banta Construction.

"All the heavy lifting is done. More than a decade has passed and Frank and I have reached the point in life where our priorities are shifting," Emerson said. "Grandstands, retail and office space, international events—you name it, people are asking for it. There's a demand. There's an incredible opportunity here for someone with fresh energy and the means and passion to invest," he added.

The velodrome is located on 4.2 acres in Erie, a community near Boulder. The facility consists of a fully operational velodrome, ample parking, exterior lighting for evening events, a 5,050 square-foot bicycle storage unit, infield restrooms and changing rooms for cyclists. It is bordered on two sides by 10 acres of open space. And the velodrome is zoned and permitted for a future clubhouse and spectator stands.

"It's going very well and we could putter along as we have been, but it would be better if we could get someone to take it to the next level," Emerson said in an interview. Emerson and Banta own the velodrome through Boneshaker Inc., LLC.

"It's been quite a ride. As strong as our dream was at the onset, Frank and I could never have imagined the kind of place that it's become. It's magical, man, it's like a movie—two guys have a big vision and face some significant setbacks, but then the right people just seem to come along and the community elevates that vision into something people everywhere start to notice. People walk in or ride or watch a race, and they're hooked; they want to be a part of it," he said.

"Over the last two years as word of mouth has traveled, ridership, club membership, sponsorship and revenue have surged," Emerson said, declining to offer financial details. "We want to discuss that directly with potential buyers," he said.

Still, the velodrome has more than 200 members who pay $400 a year for a membership and many more certified cyclists ride on a day pass. The velodrome has 50 Specialized Langsters in all sizes for use at no cost, and members can pay an additional $125 per year to store their bicycle on site. "All you have to do to ride is show up with shoes, pedals and a helmet," Emerson said.

Sponsors include Specialized and The Pro's Closet as well as some 30 other sponsors. The venue attracts advertising from a host of local breweries, real estate firms and restaurants. Track management offers classes, training sessions and welcomes spectators whenever the gates are open. The site is also available for special occasions such as weddings and other community events.

The site is just west of Interstate 25 with easy access to Denver International Airport and Colorado's Front Range cities. Erie is one of the area's fastest-growing communities with a wide range of housing, employment, educational, shopping and recreational opportunities.


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