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Clif Bar returns as title sponsor of CrossVegas — we mean: RenoCross

Published December 4, 2017

LONGMONT, Colo. (BRAIN) — The organizer of the CrossVegas cyclocross race on Monday announced that longtime event title sponsor Clif Bar & Co. will follow the race to its new location in Reno next year, where it will be held during the week of Interbike, which also is moving to Reno.


Race owner and organizer Brook Watts also slipped in that the event will be renamed RenoCross. 

RenoCross presented by Clif Bar will take place on Wednesday evening, Sept. 19, at Rancho San Raphael Park in Reno.

Watts said, "Clif Bar has been a significant sponsor since the race's first year in 2007 and the title sponsor since 2011. They have been a big part of our sustained success. It's remarkable to have such long-term sponsors for any event. And now they're making the journey with us 450 miles to the north to Reno."

He added, "Although the backdrop will change from the glitzy Vegas Strip to the stunningly beautiful Sierra Nevada, the event will remain the same world-class event, supported by Clif Bar, that racers and spectators have loved for 11 years. RenoCross will still provide industry bragging rights for the Wheelers & Dealers, VIP hospitality for sponsors, opportunities for bike industry participation at all levels and top level competition among the pro women and men."

Melissa Leebove, Clif Bar's regional marketing manager, said, "Clif Bar is thrilled to return as the title sponsor for 2018 RenoCross. We're excited that the new venue will not only introduce a new challenge to the 'cross racers, but also bring the incredibly spectator-friendly sport to the Reno community. Clif Bar has supported CrossVegas for more than a decade; we look forward to many more years of partnership in Reno and supporting cyclocross athletes with sports nutrition for sustained energy."

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