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Twin Cities Dealer Tour Day 3

Published June 4, 2009

BRAIN wrapped up its Twin Cities Dealer Tour on Thursday with stops at five unique urban shops: Penn Cycle & Fitness, Flanders Brothers Cycle, Freewheel Bike, The Hub Bike Coop and One on One Bicycle Studio.

The Hoky Jersey was worn by the Flanders brothers, Scott and Jim, in the 1977 Red Zinger Bicycle Classic. The walls in the Flanders' Lynlake shop displays pictures, jerseys and other paraphernalia from the brothers' storied racing careers.






A bike/drum set combination is on display in the used bike section of The Hub Coop. Not sure if this puppy still rides, but it plays!





Gene Oberpriller, founder of One on One Studio, brings new meaning to the term "bike rack" with his collection of trophies.

An example of one of the posters created for Art Crank, One on One's annual art exhibition. The popular yearly bike art fair attracts artists from around the city who create and sell pieces specifically for the event.





The pile of "junkyard" bikes in One on One's basement. Oberpriller started the junkyard in 1989 and allows customers to dig through the old bikes for spare parts. He also sells used bikes out of the basement, a practice that has grown more competitive in the bike-centric city. "I have a couple guys that troll the garage sales and now it's like a race," Oberpriller said.

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