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Stocking Stuffers Day 1

Published November 17, 2009

Thanks for all the great stocking stuffers we received from everyone. Below is Day 1 (with Days 2-5 to follow). Just a couple notes before you start perusing. These were selected based on the order in which they were received. Also, all images either had to be resized or cropped in order to fit appropriately on the page. BRAIN picked its favorite six across all the submissions; they will be featured in December's product review.

Bike Brake is the parking brake for the bicycle. Designed with a low profile to remain on the grip, it is durable, lightweight, and un-obstructive. Bike Brake features two grab tabs to easily lift and extend around the brake lever to keep the front wheel from spinning, greatly stabilizing the bicycle when stood upright. Now available in nine colors Bike Brake fits both road and mountain bikes. Suggested retail: $2.99


Giro's LX LF is a full‐fingered version of its neo‐classic, Lusso leather road glove. It combines luxurious Pittards leather uppers with wool stretch panels and a Pittards leather palm, for the ultimate in feel and control. Giro uses genuine Technoge padding in the heel of the palm to reduce road shock, and a low‐profile Velcro closure with metal accents. Available in five sizes (S‐XXL) and two colors (black, white/black). Suggested retail: $70



Nemo's Ditto wallet is repurposed from old tents and product scraps. Suggested retail: $17.95





Felt's BeerNuts tool is a bottle opener/15mm Socket Combo wrench. It fits any standard placed H20 frame bosses. Suggested retail: $19.95



Ahren's Wisecracker Lite bottle opener comes in two sizes, fitting either a 1-inch or 1-1/8-inch steerer tube. Suggested retail: $12




Finish Line's The Grunge Brush makes chain and gear cleaning fast and easy. Scrub the chain with the compact bristles of The Grunge Brush to clean all four sides of a chain. Suggested retail: $12.99 (Solo) $16.79 (Combo with 4 oz. Degreaser)

Portland Design Works Bamboo/Cork plugs fit both drop and flat bars. Suggested retail: $10





Park Tool's bicycle pizza cutter cuts a cheesy pie like no other. Its stainless steel wheel cuts through even the deepest of terrain. Suggested retail: $15

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