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Top 10 Things Bike 2.0 Isn't

Published August 9, 2010


After more than a year of blogs about Bike 2.0 and what it might look like in various contexts,  perhaps it’s time to look at what it ain’t.

I’ve been blogging (or, as some would have it, ranting) for more than  a year now about this Bike 2.0 thing, and what it might look like in various contexts. During this time, I’ve focused on what Bike 2.0 is or might be, often in contrast to the status quo of bike-business-as-usual.

But it’s also important to be clear about what Bike 2.0 is not, since people who agree with what I blog about tend to assume I must agree with them about most other things, too (often true)…and people who disagree with me assume I necessarily disagree with them about most other things (possibly, but not necessarily true).

Herewith (maybe even therewith or even everywherewith) are ten things about Bike 2.0 that,  as one prophet of the sporting life had it, Ain’t Necessarily So.

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